La Niña de los Gansos

The Gänseliesel is the icon of my hometown, Göttingen (Germany). It is located at the central market place in front of the old town hall and was placed there in 1901. The statue plays an important role in celebrations, especially when somebody receives a PhD from the local university: he then has to bring her flowers and kiss her. What only few people know is, that the Gänseliesel has a doppelgänger at Nicaragua.

The Selva Negra Ecolodge is based on a coffee-plantation created in the 19th century by German immigrants. Still today it is owned by their descendants. As one of them studied in Göttingen, it was decided to create a copy to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the hotel in 2016. While the original in Göttingen is made of bronze, the copy is created from marble. It was created by sculptor José Antonio González from León. Like the original it once seemed to have had a canopy which is missing today.

La Niña de los Gansos / Gänseliesel
Selva Negra Ecolodge
Km 140 Carretera Mat-Jin