Museo Nacional de Antropologia

The indigenous people that settled in the Americas before the arrival of European colonialists fascinate many of us today. In Mesoamerica these were the Maya, Aztecs, Olmecs and Toltecs; they left many traces on the continent and much more than just temples. If you’re interested in that you should use a trip to Ciudad de México to visit the Museo Nacional de Antropologia. It hosts a large collection of artefacts and is located in the Chapultepec area.

The first items of this collection were gathered by Italian scientist Lorenzo Boturini de Benaducci. They became later part of a collection of a local university and were the starting point when the museum was opened in 1964. The Museo Nacional de Antropologia consists of a large patio with a giant artificial waterfall in its center. Located around are 23 exhibition halls that (indoor and outdoor) show the different cultures once existing in Mexico. An endless number of original artifacts is set in scene by reconstructions of temples. If you want to see everything, bring a lot of time!

Museo Nacional de Antropologia
Av. Paseo de la Reforma s/n
Bosque de Chapultepec I Secc
Miguel Hidalgo
11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX

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