Dubrovnik hosts some small museums in the historic city center, especially on seafaring and natural history. If you want to enjoy a more modern and large museum you need to leave the city center through the Ploče gate towards the East. After some meters you’ll find the wonderful Museum of Modern Art (or short: MOMAD) close to the shore of the Mediterranean sea.

The MOMAD is also called the Umjetnička galerija which is a bit irritating. Obviously the museum is supposed to have a more modern appearance with an English name… It was founded already back in 1945 in a former palace (the Cerva-Pozza palace) but was relocated into the current building in 1948. Already the building with its fantastic terrace is worth a visit but they also exhibit nice contemporary visual art.

Museum of Modern Art (MOMAD) / Umjetnička galerija Dubrovnik
Put Frana Supila 23

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