Natural history

It’s one of the perfect places when you have a rainy day at Lëtzebuerg: the Musée national d’histoire naturelle. The museum is modern, fun and educating; it gives you insight into natural history on three floors, from the big bang to life in the seas, from biodiversity in the city to minerals and volcanoes. Or you just use your time to watch leafcutter ants to their work.

The organization behind the museum was founded already in 1850. In 1996 it was moved (with its three branches for research, teaching and displaying the collection) to the Saint Jean’s Hospice at the lower quarter Grund, close to the Alzette river. If you’re coming from the upper town, just take the elevator from the St. Esprit plateau and then it is a very short walk to reach the museum.

Musée national d’histoire naturelle
25 Rue Münster
2160 Lëtzebuerg

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