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Communication is an essential part of everyday life. A good place to learn more about it is the Museum für Kommunikation at the Museumsufer of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It was created by extending the Bundespostmuseum (postal museum) founded in 1958 and now covers all aspects of communication. A very entertaining museum that gives you the chance to travel back in time and see the means of communication you’ve used in the past.

The museum has three floors, and the main area is underground. There you’ll find exhibits about postal services, telephony, mobile phones, television and older services like pagers, Telex, fax or the BTX service which was used before the Internet got common in Germany. You can learn a lot about the history of communication and try out different items; friendly guides will help you with exploring and there is also a coffee bar on the ground floor and an area especially for children. It seems like there are also many birthday parties at the museum.

On floor up you can discover a room for changing exhibitions which was focusing on radio when I visited – a surprisingly good exhibition on a technology which was much more important in the past and played a key role in former times. They handed out small receivers and every object had a frequency assigned on which you could hear more information. And at the end you could be the news speaker on a radio station and your voice was transmitted to the receivers around. A nice idea; and radio for sure will prevail, it will only be transmitted digitally via the Internet in the future.

Museum für Kommunikation
Schaumainkai 53
60596 Frankfurt am Main

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