What to do on Malta when it’s raining? Thats a question that nobody seems to be asking when coming to the island in high season when this situation occurs rarely. In low season I experienced days on which it was raining cats and dogs: the streets were flooded; people were sometimes turning the warning lights of their cars on because they couldn’t continue. Obviously even the road authorities of Malta don’t calculate with rain.

If you’re having a rainy day on the islands, you can opt-in for the Malta National Aquarium or choose the Esplora Interactive Science Centre. I would call it Maltas biggest indoor playground. It is a science museum with a lot to learn and many experiments to be made – indoor and outdoor. Additionally, there is a nice coffee bar with good views on the harbor. Ever played a stringless harp? Ever transported ship containers with a container crane? Ever synthesized hydrogen to launch a rocket? If not, here is your chance.

Esplora Interactive Science Centre
Villa Bighi Dawret Fra Giovanni Bichi

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