One of the places tourists visit most often at Bremen, Germany is the Schnoorviertel, located near the central market place and river Weser. It is a quarter full of narrow streets and tiny houses where in past days the fishermen were living. The streets there are named after the products that were created in them and the street name Schnoor refers to the production of rope (‘Schnur‘ in German).

Another example is the street Lange Wieren where wire was made (‘Wieren‘ in Low German). The first settlements in this area date back to the 13th century and the buildings here weren’t destroyed during the World Wars. Therefore you can find buildings in baroque style as well as houses in the styles of neoclassicism, historicism and renaissance. And inbetween arts and crafts, restaurants, museums and theatres.

You can enter the Schnoorviertel best from the river Weser through the street Hinter der Holzpforte (‘behind the wooden gate’). But from all areas around it – and especially from the market place area – you can find it easily as many signs direct you there. Special hint: if you’re in Christmas mood – the shop Weihnachtsträume at Marterburg 45 offers Christmas decorations the whole year.


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