If you want to sit outside at the river Weser within Bremen, Germany and have a good drink there is one main party zone that will be recommended to you: the Schlachte. You will find numerous bars there with outdoor seats and great views on the water and the ships anchoring there (some of them are bars and restaurants, too). The name has nothing to do with slaughter (‘Schlachtung‘, ‘Schlacht‘, ‘Schlachten‘) – it refers to ‘slagte‘, the process of placing wooden piles to stabilize the shore.

The Schlachte is the old harbour of the city. You can still see some artefacts how goods where unloaded from or loaded to ships. The interesting area stretches from the St. Martini church in the south to somewhere a little bit north of the bridge Bürgermeister-Smidt-Brücke. That makes accessing the Schlachte very easy, especially when you arrive by train: exit the railway station to the west and walk straight ahead, after 15 minutes and a bit more than one kilometer you can order a drink.


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