Museum of illusions

The museum of illusions (iliuzijų muziejus) is a funny place to be and for playing with optical and physical effects. It is not very big and not cheap (11 Euro per adult) but there are numerous experiments you can do and a lot of photo opportunities (like standing on a non-existing giant chair, being duplicated in different colours of light or creating the appearance that you can walk top-down on the ceiling of a room).

It is an interesting place very close to the town hall in the city center. The stars of the museum were in fact the fantastic employees that used my curiosity to show me ‘just one more thing’, explained effects I never understood before and tenaciously kept me from leaving. They were like sirens of science – in a very positive sense! Thanks for inspiring me.

Iliuzijų muziejus
Museum of Illusions
Vokiečių g. 8
Vilnius 01130

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