The Universum

The Universum is an interactive science museum in Bremen, Germany. It was opened in the year 2000 and offers 250 interactive items on 4000 square meters. The three areas of the exhibition are nature, human, and technology. Attached you’ll find an outdoor area with different items and a tower to climb up.

The museum is especially wonderful because of its interactivity: it’s like playing for hours and it is pretty motivating for children. You can try an earthquake simulator, try out erosion with water and sand, create soap bubbles, find your way through the dark, sit in an inclined room and enjoy a large marble run.

The place also offers a cafeteria in the lowest level, a place to relax and a restaurant. There is also a small shop to buy some science-related toys. We stayed at the hotel 7Things directly next to the Universum. A great place to have fun with science!

Universum Bremen
Wiener Straße 1a
28359 Bremen

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