Flame Towers

The modern icon of Bakı has been built between 2007 and 2013 on a hill close to the old city center. The three Flame Towers are between 160 and 182 meters high and copy the structure of – surprise: flames. In daytime they’re just strangely shaped skyscrapers dominating the skyline. After sundown they become screens that show three things continuously rotating: the Azerbaijan flag, people weaving the Azerbaijan flag and most impressive, huge flames.

With that they reflect the cities history as a giant oil and gas producer. The flame is omnipresent: in temples of Zoroastrianism (the admirers of the flame) like Atəşgah and at natural sources like the burning mountain (Yanar Dağ). One of the three towers is used as a hotel, the other three are used for flats and offices. It is said that these are mostly empty, but there is no proof to that. The lightshow at night can be best viewed from the Bulvar at the shore, between Qız Qalası and Azneft Meydanı.

Flame Towers

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