Cape Town airport

The international airport of Cape Town (CPT) can be found at Matroosfontain, 20 kilometers afar, southeast of the city. It is a good and clean airport that you can pass pretty fast – even while being the second-busiest airport after O.R. Tambo at Johannesburg. It was opened in 1954, has two runways and transports 8 million passengers each year. The reason why it is so good and fast is probably the FIFA World Cup which took place in South Africa in 2010 and led to a massive expansion of this airport.

What I enjoyed is the well organized car rental business: all companies are lined-up next to another in one building outside. Their cars park directly in front of that and you’re on the road at lightspeed (but remember: drive on the left and don’t exceed the speed limits). When getting here from central Europe you typically have to do a short stop at O.R. Tambo (Johannesburg), there aren’t many direct flights these days.

Cape Town International Airport
Cape Town
South Africa

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