Kartlis deda

Since 1958 a giant woman made of wood and covered in aluminum is standing high above the city of თბილისი. Kartlis deda, the mother of Georgia, symbolizes the city of Tbilisi and carries a bowl of wine for her friends in one hand and a sword for her enemies in the other. It was erected for the 1500th anniversary of the city and in 1997 it received an update: now holding her head up high and crowned with laurels. The monument reminded me much to the Mother Armenia at Երևան.

To reach the statue you can take the cable car from Rike park and walk to the right at the upper station. But to be honest, there is not much to see: you can’t see her from the front as she is directly standing at the edge of the mountain. Taking the cable car up there is a good idea nevertheless. You can take the path to the Nariqala fortress or take a steep ascent to the botanical garden. Plus you have great views from up there.

You can pay the cable car in cash when entering or skip the line by using your Metromoney card directly at the entrance gates. The cable car can sometimes by overcrowded with long lines in front – better arrive early (it starts 10am) or late.

ქართლის დედა
Kartlis deda
Mother of Georgia
თბილისი / Tbilisi

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