Car or coach?

Malta is a small country, and the size is nearly equal to the city of Bremen, Germany. If you want to explore it the obvious question is: shall I take a rental car or is public transport sufficient? The answer is dependent on your preferences, driving skills and the time you intend to spend on the islands.

Rental cars are easily available and cheap. You can go everywhere you want to go without being dependent on time schedules and without the need to plan too much ahead. On the other hand, you need to drive on the left side of the road (a relic from British times), roads are often narrow because of the density of houses and in touristic areas you might search for parking lots a little bit longer.

Public transport on Malta works solely with buses, a means of transport I rather dislike. But the bus network is good, and you can get to all interesting places. Additionally, there are ridesharing apps like Bolt or Cool that can bring you forward and in some urban areas you can use e-scooters. An alternative to the public buses is the hop-on-hop-off bus service by iSeeMalta that brings you very fast to the most important sights.

It’s easily possible to explore Malta without renting a car. But you need more time and plan a little bit more. If you’ve got sufficient time, that might be the best choice. If you’re there just for some days and want to see everything, you might tend to rent a vehicle.

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